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Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons' Bio
The Unofficial Site
A comprehensive fansite for the British actor Jeremy Irons, which includes extensive galleries, sound clips, wallpapers, icons, quotes, a forum and more. Take a look at our galleries filled with movie screen captures, magazine scans, fan contributed icons and wallpapers, bookmarkers, and lots of hard to find extras.
We're not just a web site posting news and a few photos. We are a community of Jeremy Irons fans coming together to share our passion for the exquisite Mr. Irons.
Livejournal Community

This community will be linked to JeremyIrons.Org - The Unofficial Site (http://jeremyirons.org/). The Admin. will post updates here, and post news about Mr. Irons.

Please read our general rules before posting:

• We should accept each other for what we are, no matter what religon, skincolour, or opinion.
• No discrimination or bullying. Be kind towards other members.
• Please do not use foul language or make derogatory comments about Jeremy or other members.
• If you are here to make hateful comments about Mr. Irons, you are not welcome in this community.
• You must be a true fan of Mr. Irons to join this community (we will screen each member prior to approval).
• All posts will be screened prior to posting.
• Please keep posts on topic and as a response to our site updates only (no personal posts here).
• If you post information regarding Mr. Irons, please provide source links.
• Please credit our site if you copy and post any of our updates elsewhere on the Internet.
• Do not steal others work.
• Do not SPAM.
• If you have any questions or concerns about our community, please contact the site admin. by emailing us at contact@jeremyirons.org.
• Thank you for joining us! We're happy to have true Jeremy Irons fans in our community!

One very important rule:
We respect Mr. Irons and his privacy! Please don't post any candid pictures of him and his family.
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